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*urgently whispering about earthquake safety to a fictional radio host at 5 in the morning* …..ok, I was never technically a normal person, but I know for a fact I used to be more normal than this.

First/second listen (or, go away, Cate Le Bon, and take Georgia and whoever else this is with you)

Oh lord, Nicky’s on a German-language kick again.

….Cutting this to spare anyone who has no idea who the Manic Street Preachers are (…so everyone, I’d imagine, unless I have more UK ppl around than I would have expected.  Who also never say anything. :-)  )

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….ooohhhh my god, occasionally charming does not equal redeemable. Not for a self-aggrandizing, delusional, murdering, raping, LITERALLY GENOCIDAL crapbag. I swear, what the fuck…of all of the DS9 characters anyone would want to change the ending for…. GUL DUKAT?!

And Kai Winn gets furious hate. *sigh* Wonder what the difference is oh wait.

'Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things' has gotta have taken the lead in # of 'Wait..what?'s per episode.

Tyrion my love I’d hate to contradict you but no there isn’t a brothel outside Winterfell, I seriously dunno where you found one the first time.  Whyyyyy does Littlefinger know that story?!  Littlefinger should not know that story.  They’ve given all the scenes and dialogue to the one handmaiden of Dany’s that canonically white gee I wonder how that happened.  Who the flipping fuck is ‘Roz’??!  (when I asked that Trixie sent me a picture of Roz Doyle from Frasier).  Why the hell would Jaime be upset that Robert’s banging ladies of negotiable affection when he’d be a million times more upset if it were actually Cersei?

So far my favourite part of the series is still the theme music.

(also, Tyrion)

No they don’t. They’re just trying to make us more creative in our communication abilities. So tell me, how’s the telepathy coming?

Sadly I’m a Vorta, not a Betazoid. 


I’m not actually sure if the email addy ever stopped working…there was sort of …an incident once with Tosh which was either her gaslighting me, or a real technical glitch. It kinda says summat about her that neither would really surprise me.

Anyway it didn’t really help the whole nobody-likes-me paranoia thing I have goin’ on over here.

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