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So based on the ‘last supper’ picture, we have 12 people pictured apart from the Inquisitor.
9 of them are visibly armed, which I assume would make them companions?  Based mostly on the fact that we know Leliana isn’t and she’s pictured, unarmed.  So bearing arms, we’ve got Viv, Varric, sort of white-haired weird-lookin’ dual wielder, Solas, Cas, Iron Bull, Dorian (?) Sera (?) and the big Grey Warden.  Unarmed are noodleboy, Leliana and fascinating blue-and-gold girl between Sera and the big Warden.  Maybe those three are sort of…advisors?  Generals?  But not companions.  It’s possible that Leliana is there on behalf of the Divine, or the Empress.  Cullen is obviously there seeing to Templar interests…assuming Viv isn’t pulling double-duty I guess that would make blue-and-gold girl the Circle rep?  Maybe?  Because I’d assume that Cas is the boots-on-the-ground Seeker but Leliana is there too, so maybe it’s similiar in that Viv is in the field with you while b&g girl is directing traffic?  Oooorrrr maybe she’s just someone else entirely.  Who knows.  Either way that’s what I’m thinking…the nine ppl with obvious weaponry are the ground team and the others are sort of…attachés.

Not gonna lie, I’m mostly just going with this theory for now b/c I don’t want Cullen in my party, ever.

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

Stylistically, I really like it. The loads of wire on the inner circle make it look almost steampunk. I see nothing wrong with it. However, I get if you’d rather not destroy your finger muscles trying to deal with that.

Honestly no, the wrapping wire is really super easy to work with.  I don’t have any trouble at all.  Apart from the occasional accidental dropping.  Also: beads everywhere.

I remember actually cheering out loud when Michonne left Woodbury (the first time).  Actually most of my out-loud TWD cheering is/was done over Michonne, tbh.  I’m a one-woman cheering section.

Seriously my only criticism of her ever is I wish she’d do her boots up all the way.  And to be honest that she doesn’t only makes her more badass because I know damn well I’d trip over the loose flaps, and yet she remains a perfectly-poised deadly goddess.

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