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On the one hand, apparently mum got several unsolicited enthusiastic compliments today on the Cheshire Cat necklace I made her.  On the other hand, it was followed up with “Gee, why doesn’t she take the jewelry course at Georgian?”

*ugly laughter*

Withdrawl symptoms have begun manifesting, so

*hums*  Rick looks really weird cleanshaven with neatly trimmed hair, wearing his hat, in his uniform and without a vaguely constipated expression on his face.

I’d kind of forgotten Shane existed.  It was nice while it lasted.

*twiddles thumbs*  Three eps?  Til we get to Daryl?  And only very brief Dale in the first two.  Andrea being mildly less irritating than usual for maybe three episodes, tops.  And miiiiles to go before Michonne, and miles to go before Michonne.

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