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….of course, immediately afterwards there was a dream about accidently breaking down the door to Leonard Nimoy’s hotel room followed by one where a hammerhead shark was trying to eat a little dog, so it’s possible dream analysis is a little sketchy for me anyway.

Last night I had a dream; I stopped talking.  At all.  The way I’ve always felt like I should, b/c nobody wants to hear it anyway.  

The thing was, though…and I should have seen it coming cos it’s dead obvious…is that when I stopped talking, that too made everyone angry.  And they started demanding that I speak, and the longer I was silent the angrier they got, because though people so frequently enforce silence, I couldn’t choose it for myself.  Only be ordered to it.

The decision to just plow on through seasons 4-5 again and THEN rejoin season 6 where I left off took like…2 seconds to make.

Also I can now add ‘gumdrop’ to the list of ridiculous things I’ve inadvertently called Spencer Reid.

(Kitten, muffin, sweetness, honeywumpus, angel, beautiful boy, precious boy, nerdpixie, dorkface, dorkmuffin, cupcake, buttercup, sunshine, woobs…)

(Derek and Penelope share custody of ‘gorgeous,’ ‘baby,’ and ‘sweetheart’ with poor Spence, who catches it the worst and has just,  zero dignity left to him)

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